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EcolChange seminar – Jeanalle Eck about microbes that shape plant disease and diversity

Seminars of Department of Botany, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange Speaker: Jenalle Eck is post-doctoral researcher at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. She studies plant population and community ecology, with special emphasis on … Continue reading

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New publication – Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities

Text by Martin Luther University in Halle via EurekaAlert /Ed: This new macroecological paper includes Meelis Pärtel and Ülo Niinemets from EcolChange as coauthors./ Which plant species grow where, alongside which others – and why? The diversity of global vegetation … Continue reading

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New publication – Non-native species led to marked shifts in functional diversity of the world freshwater fish faunas

Text by Aurele Toussaint The biodiversity of freshwater fish fauna disturbed by invasive species Non-native species introductions are recognized as one of the major drivers responsible of the ongoing sixth biodiversity crisis, along with climate change, pollution and habitat loss. … Continue reading

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DarkDivNet – Call for participants

DarkDivNet is a global network to explore the dark diversity of plant communities. Why are some species present and others absent in a locality? To answer this central ecological and biogeographical question, we have to explore biodiversity at different spatial … Continue reading

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New paper out – Structure and function of the global topsoil microbiome

/Editor´s note: It´s been silence in the blog throughout summer, as we all had a lot of field and lab work. But we´re back now!/ The first global study of soil genomics revealed a battle right under our feet. The … Continue reading

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