Tana about moderating a workshop in EcolChange PhD conference

Text by Tana Wuyun

A fun experience as one of the workshop moderators in EcolChange PhD Conference 2019 “EcolChange in World of Synergies”

Few weeks ago, I gladly participated the annual EcolChange conference in Voore, East Estonia. It went well, without saying, with a lot of sunshine from the sky and my heart.

As one of the organizing members, I was involved from the very beginning on all the details discussed. I felt so lucky for being with the team, since everyone was eager to share their thoughts and offer their knowledge. As a first year PhD, it was definitely a great learning experience.

In the afternoon workshop, I was the moderator for the group “Biogeochemistry Cycling in Ecosystems ‘To Growth or To Adapt? Carbon Cycling Under Stress’”. I came up with this idea because the topic of how plants react under different current and future climate stresses is a big concern nowadays and is quite relevant to the aim of the EcolChange team. With consideration of the different research areas in the organization, I intentionally made the topic fairly flexible, hoping everyone can share some thoughts so people could widen their horizon after the discussion and enlighten by each other. Overall, it was quite successful, each of the sub-group had come up with the answers for the broad questions.

Personally, I enjoyed this conference very much both as a PhD student organizer and audience. I hope there will be more conferences like this in the future that PhD students could take the initiative!


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