Annual update on our share of most influencal scientist

Text by Lauri Laanisto

Last year, when Clarivate Analytics published the list of most influential scientists in the world, we in EcolChange were rather happy about it, because: “From those 7 most influential Estonian researchers 4 (!!!) are members of our centre of excellence: Ülo Niinemets, Martin Zobel, Urmas Kõljalg and Leho Tedersoo. So one can say that EcolChange really is the dominant force in Estonian science.” (link to last year´s blogpost).

Well – new list was published about a week ago (link to the list). And this year we have even more influencers! Among the 6,000 most cited researchers of the world are the following EcolChange (associated) scientists: Ülo Niinemets from Estonian University of Life Sciences; Urmas Kõljalg, Leho Tedersoo, Martin Zobel (in two fields: plant and animal sciences and environment and ecology), Meelis Pärtel, Mari Moora, Kessy Aberenkov and Mohammad Bahram from Tartu Ülikool.

Thus, we have doubled our influence! Considering that EcolChange will run for five more years, we could expect about 256 people in that list by the end of 2023…


Although, we are pretty far away from the impact of “actual” influencers… (pic from here)


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