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New publication – Ancient environmental DNA reveals shifts in dominant mutualisms during the late Quaternary

Text by Martin Zobel, Mari Moora & John Davison Using ancient DNA, it is possible to study the species and communities that inhabited past landscapes. However, finding more or less intact ancient DNA is challenging because DNA degrades quickly. One … Continue reading

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EcolChange seminar – Mohammad Bahram about microbial biogeography

Seminar of Department of Botany and Centre of Excellence EcolChange This is the last EcolChange seminar on this calendar year. Speaker: Mohammad Bahram, researcher at Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden. Title of the talk: Microbial biogeography in the light … Continue reading

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New paper published – Dispersal limitation determines large-scale dark diversity in Central and Northern Europe

Text by Kersti Riibak The inability of many plant species to disperse to environmentally suitable sites after the Last Glacial Maximum limits plant diversity within Europe. Dispersal may also limit species occupancy of potentially suitable sites within their distribution ranges, … Continue reading

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New publication – Plant mycorrhizal status, but not type, shifts with latitude and elevation in Europe

Text by Guillermo Bueno Understanding the distribution of plant mycorrhizal traits of the European flora should guide us to keep understanding and to expand our curiosity about the ecological roles and distribution of the mycorrhizal symbioses in plant communities. For … Continue reading

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