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EcolChange Conference 2022 – Is this the end ???

The Centre of Excellence EcolChange started in it’s current form in 2016, lasting until 2023. So, NO, it’s not the end – not yet ! Over the years, under the umbrella of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange, there were dozens … Continue reading

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2022 – Back to a Summer of Conferences ?!

It’s not yet over. And the future will differ from the past.BUT, after two years of pandemic related restrictions, the scientific conference community both re-establishs and enjoys on-site and hybrid conference events. Recently, European largest conference for bio-geoscientists EGU ( … Continue reading

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Announcement for the 14th Estonian Ecology Conference “Estonian Landscapes 100” (Eesti keel)

On April 22nd, 2022, the XIV. Estonian Ecology Conference takes place in Tartu (Tartu Ülikooli Oecologicumi õppehoones Liivi tn. 2). This traditional Estonian event will be held in Estonian language, except two English presentations. Additional poster presentations are warmly welcome, … Continue reading

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EcolChange Seminars on 23.03. and 24.03.2022 (in English)

For those who did not get any Email invitations, please note, there are two EcolChange affiliated seminars this week in Tartu, held in English. If you cannot join but would like to know more, feel free to contact the presenters … Continue reading

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New article: Microbes of drying peatlands warm the climate

A mutual team of researchers from the Centre of Excellence EcolChange and external partners revealed the important link between microbes, drying peatlands and climate warming, recently published in Nature Communications ( Read their press release: guest editors: Jaan Pärn, Mikk … Continue reading

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Authentic environmental research – comprehensively explained

PhD students of the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and the Centre of Excellence “EcolChange” present typical ecophysiological and biogeochemical research methods and tools in short video sequences. The authentic clips, recorded under regular working conditions, briefly describe … Continue reading

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