EcolChange annual conference underlines its attractivity for young researchers

The Estonian Centre of Excellence EcolChange investigates global change ecology from molecular to biome-level in both natural and managed ecosystems. Annual meeting provides a great chance to meet and discuss current research questions in a cross-discipline environment. In 2019, team formed of PhD students from all research groups participating in EcolChange organised the annual doctoral conference, which took place on November 12th in Voore, Jõgevamaa. Target audience was EcolChange PhD students and junior scientists, but students and researchers outside the centre of excellence were also welcomed, and more than 70 participants followed the invitation of the organisers to listen and discuss the newest trends and highlights of EcolChange´s research groups.

In addition to presentations from the group leaders, there were intensive group discussions in the afternoon – three workshops with the following focuses: carbon cycle pathways in future climate scenarios; how to work on the challenge of big data in eco-sciences; and the increasing importance of internal and external communication in scientist’s everyday activities. PhD student and postdocs from all over the world gathered together, shared their knowledge and experiences, and found new friends and collaborators within and beyond EcolChange.

ecolch doc summit Voore 2019 nov

Participants (all pics by Aurele Toussaint)

The Centre of Excellence EcolChange involves research groups from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and University of Tartu. The conference was supported by the EU Regional Development Fund through the Center of Excellence EcolChange and the ASTRA project.



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