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New paper published – Two Closely Related Species Differ in their Regional Genetic Differentiation Despite Admixing

Text by Lisanna Schmidt Genetic differences between regions are usually studied for individual species. However, many species can reproduce with each other. We studied whether gene flow between two closely related sedge species influences regional differences. Our molecular genetic data … Continue reading

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New paper published – Despite admixing two closely related Carex species differ in their regional morphological differentiation

Text and pics by Lisanna Schmidt Researchers from Estonia and Switzerland studied regional morphological differentiation of two closely related hybridising (and “taxonomically difficult”) species – Carex flava and Carex viridula. We asked whether due to genetic admixing of the two … Continue reading

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EcolChange seminar – Tsipe Aavik about the landscape genetics of plants

Seminar of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange Tsipe Aavik is researcher in macroecology workgroup at the Department of Botany, University of Tartu. Landscape genetics of plants: examples from semi-natural grasslands Time: Thursday, 20. April 2017 at 15.15 Place: Tartu, Lai … Continue reading

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