EcolChange Conference 2022 – Is this the end ???

The Centre of Excellence EcolChange started in it’s current form in 2016, lasting until 2023.
So, NO, it’s not the end – not yet !

Over the years, under the umbrella of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange, there were dozens of doctoral students defending their research, there were hundreds of publications, several doctoral schools, conferences, seminars, expeditions, excursions – that’s high level output !

However, our EcolChange seems to be more than “just” a Centre of Excellence … But what is more ? A new, unique discipline ? A huge knowledge database ? A grown star with an extended network ? I mean, six excellent research teams with a backup of I don’t know how many people, working together, investigating, examining, discussing, exchanging, asking, demanding, for years and years and never ending … that’s exciting and fabulous ! So our EcolChange must be more !

But I’m drifting a bit off-topic. There are better moments for visions and philosophy, one coming up soon. Thus, back to topic: since 2016, every year an EcolChange conference was held, providing insights into the groups research activities, sharing the gathered knowledge, bringing people together and closer, forming new partnerships and whatsoeverelse.

And now, in October 2022, there is one more, unfortunately, the last EcolChange conference (last chance to register !)

You can also read more here:

Last but not least: see you soon at the conference. It won’t be for the last time, I promise.

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