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EcolChange seminar: Tsipe Aavik about how citizen scientists helped to reveal the secret sex life of cowslips

Seminar of Department of Botany and Centre of Excellence EcolChange Speaker: Dr. Tsipe Aavik is an Associate Professor of Macroecology at the University of Tartu. Her research focuses on habitat fragmentation effects on biodiversity. Dr. Aavik is leading the citizen science project … Continue reading


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New publication – Landscape context and plant population size affect morph frequencies in heterostylous Primula veris ‐ results of a nationwide citizen‐science campaign

Text and photos by Tsipe Aavik Citizen scientists bring surprising insights into cowslip mating system About half of the individuals of cowslip (Primula veris) have flowers with a short style, while the other half of individuals produce flowers with a … Continue reading

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New publication – Restoration of plant species and genetic diversity depends on landscape-scale dispersal

Text and pics by Tsipe Aavik In the era of ongoing global change, restoration efforts must lead to self-sustainable ecosystems resilient to environmental changes. Thus, it is necessary that restoration aims at achieving not only target species richness and composition, … Continue reading

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New paper published – Genetic consequences of landscape change for rare endemic plants–A case study of Rhinanthus osiliensis

Text by Tsipe Aavik Saaremaa yellow rattle (Rhinanthus osiliensis) is the only endemic species of the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. This rare insect-pollinated plant prefers to grow in calcareous spring fens, which are naturally relatively rare and have largely disappeared … Continue reading

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EcolChange seminar – Tsipe Aavik about the landscape genetics of plants

Seminar of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange Tsipe Aavik is researcher in macroecology workgroup at the Department of Botany, University of Tartu. Landscape genetics of plants: examples from semi-natural grasslands Time: Thursday, 20. April 2017 at 15.15 Place: Tartu, Lai … Continue reading

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