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New publications describing a new method to predict species establishment and invasion

Text by Jon Bennett [This is a repost from Meelis Pärtel´s Macroecology Workgroup blog] Understanding which species are going to establish within a given community (i.e. invasion) is one of the most fundamental pursuits in ecology. In today’s era of … Continue reading


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New publication – Predicting species establishment using absent species and functional neighborhoods

Text by Meelis Pärtel and Jonathan Bennett Understanding which species establish in which habitats is fundamental to community ecology and to more applied pursuits, such as the restoration of degraded sites and the prevention of invasion by exotic species. Jonathan … Continue reading

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Congratulations – Martin Zobel 60!

Text by Lauri Laanisto A week ago, academician, and the professor of Plant ecology in the University of Tartu, and also one the team leaders in EcolChange, Martin Zobel, celebrated his 60th birthday. All the best wishes to him! Incidentally, … Continue reading

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