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New publication – Inoculation of Brevibacterium linens RS16 in Oryza sativa genotypes enhanced salinity resistance: impacts on photosynthetic traits and foliar volatile emissions

Text by Ülo Niinemets A collaboration between the scientists from Estonian University of Life Sciences and Chungbuk National University, South Korea demonstrates how plant growth-promoting bacteria enhance plant salinity tolerance Soil salinity is one of the key abiotic stress factor … Continue reading


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New paper published – Induction of stress volatiles and changes in essential oil content and composition upon microwave exposure in the aromatic plant Ocimum basilicum

Text by Lauri Laanisto Ok, this study is basically about how phone and internet waves (i.e. electromagnetic pollution) affect the volatiles and essential oils in basil (and there are lots of them in basil). So, apparently these waves either lower … Continue reading

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