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EcolChange seminar – Piibe Piirma and Taavi Suisalu about mixing art and science

Seminars of Department of Botany, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange Speakers: Piibe Piirma and Taavi Suisalu are artists, with interests in interfaces between art and science. (link to their joint Maalabor page) Titles of … Continue reading

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New publication – Genetic differentiation, phenotypic plasticity and adaptation in a hybridizing pair of a more common and a less common Carex species

Text and pic by Lisanna Schmidt Species experience heterogeneous environments across their distribution area. Different biotic and abiotic factors affect populations within species and often result in regional differentiation. Under differing selection pressures, populations vary in their plastic and adaptive … Continue reading

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New paper published – Two Closely Related Species Differ in their Regional Genetic Differentiation Despite Admixing

Text by Lisanna Schmidt Genetic differences between regions are usually studied for individual species. However, many species can reproduce with each other. We studied whether gene flow between two closely related sedge species influences regional differences. Our molecular genetic data … Continue reading

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