Authentic environmental research – comprehensively explained

PhD students of the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and the Centre of Excellence “EcolChange” present typical ecophysiological and biogeochemical research methods and tools in short video sequences.

The authentic clips, recorded under regular working conditions, briefly describe the “how to” at fieldwork, in the laboratory, and behind the screen.

Our investigative methods cover a broad spectrum of appropriate research skills: measurements of greenhouse gases from tree stems, soils or water surfaces and water parameters are dedicated ‘outdoor’ field site activities; detailed microbial analytics and complex ‘plant stress’ experiments can be undertaken only in the laboratories; and linking radar with field observations or developing accurate Python tools for data analysis require technical-mathematical skills and passion for IT solutions behind the screen.

However, the interdisciplinarity, linking different approaches, views, and attitudes are the keys of success for excellent research and gaining new knowledge. This short insight into environmental research may also attract other PhD students, undergraduates, scientists, and the public to contact our young scientists, to ask questions, to discuss or share further ideas.

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