Excursion to EcolChange experimental sites

On 13th October, the EcolChange Coordinating Committee together with some colleagues gathered in Järvselja to visit three experimental sites.

photo by Tiia Kurvits

First stop was at the Agali experimental site run by the Ecotechnology and landscape biogeochemistry team (Prof. Ülo Mander, Assoc. Prof. Kaido Soosaar, Dr. Mikk Espenberg from the University of Tartu, Department of Geography). The experiment is used to study the emission and removal of greenhouse gases by forest ecosystem. The team measures gas exchange between atmosphere, soil, tree trunks and canopy to follow the movement of greenhouse gases and the sequestration of carbon.

Next site was SMEAR Estonia, which is used by the Plant ecophysiology and biosphere-atmosphere interactions team (Prof. Ülo Niinemets and Prof. Steffen M. Noe from the Estonian University of Life Sciences). The aim of the SMEAR (Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations) is to measure concentrations and fluxes of energy and matter in the atmosphere-biosphere system using a 130 m high measuring tower. In addition, soil and biomass measurements are taken on the ground level.

The third stop was at the FAHM (Free Air Humidity Manipulation) experiment site, which is run by the Ecophysiology workgroup (Assoc. Prof. Priit Kupper from the University of Tartu, Department of Botany), and where also several EcolChange members are collaborators. The experiment was created to investigate the impact of climate change (as elevated air humidity) on trees and forest ecosystem functioning.

photo by Tiia Kurvits
photo by Riin Tamme

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