EcolChange seminar – Tanel Vahter about fungal diversity in cropfields

Seminars of Department of Botany and Centre of Excellence EcolChange

Speaker: Tanel Vahter is a PhD student in the Plant Ecology group in our Department, Tartu University. His research focuses on the application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for vegetation restoration but also on fungal communities in Estonian fields and grasslands.

Title of the talk: Fungal diversity in Estonian agricultural soils

Time: Thursday, 10. Decmber 2020 at 14.15

Place: Tartu, Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium), or virtual link in the MS Teams group (link for seeing the seminar online, without any logging in etc.).

Summary: While large-scale studies of soil fungal diversity have vastly increased our breadth of knowledge about the ecology of soil fungi, there is still little known about the effects of management where “the rubber meets the road”. Agricultural soils represent a real-life living laboratory, where manipulations of the soil ecosystem can highlight processes and factors important for natural systems alike. In this seminar, i will be presenting the results of a recent soil fungal diversity study in Estonian agricultural fields, linking realised diversity patterns with management and environmental subsidy.

The event is virtual. The link to join the team:

After the official seminar, you are welcome to stay longer in the video call to chat with colleagues during a virtual cake and coffee/tea. Please bring your own “sweet supplies” though.

Tanel in lab. (pic from Postimees)

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