New publication – How do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi travel

Text by Guillermo Bueno

Two of the members of the department of Botany (C. Guillermo Bueno and Mari Moora) were invited to write a commentary on a recently published paper in New Phytologist (Correia et al 2019). The paper commented showed the first evidence of co-dispersal of AM fungi and AM plants by birds. The commentary highlights the need for more research on the dispersal mechanisms of this important group of fungi (associated with around 80 % of plant species) and pose interesting lines of future prospect.

Citation: Bueno, C. G., & Moora, M. (2019). How do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi travel?. New Phytologist, 222(2), 645-647. (link to full text)


About to disperse mycorrhiza. Though, not AM, but EcM… (pic from here)


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