EcolChange seminar – Guillermo Bueno about plant mycorrhizal traits

Seminars of Department of Botany, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange

Speaker: Guillermo Bueno is research fellow at the Plant Ecology Laboratory, Department of Botany, Tartu University. He explores how biotic interactions shape plant communities.

Title of the talk: Plant mycorrhizal traits: from concepts to applications

Time: Thursday, 25. April 2018 at 15.15

Place: Tartu, Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium)

Summary: Applying trait-based frameworks to fundamental biotic interactions has the potential to unveil their patterns and processes at multiple spatial scales, ultimately defining their relevance and dynamics. Among plant biotic interactions, mycorrhizal symbiosis is an association between plant roots and soil fungi, present in around 80 % of the plants, and expected to be essential for plant species survival and distribution. I will present work on plant mycorrhizal traits, from concepts to applications, highlighting the limitations and challenges to categorize and measure these relevant traits in mycorrhizal ecology and biogeography.


The left one is the one with mycorrhiza, of course (pic from here)

After the seminar everyone is welcome to coffee/tea and snacks in the seminar room (coffee room, ground floor).


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