EcolChange seminar – Piibe Piirma and Taavi Suisalu about mixing art and science

Seminars of Department of Botany, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange

Speakers: Piibe Piirma and Taavi Suisalu are artists, with interests in interfaces between art and science. (link to their joint Maalabor page)

Titles of the talks: I Hybrid Practice. Art and Science in Artistic Research // II Art and Science: flirt, data fiction and poetic encounters

Time: Thursday, 28. March 2018 at 15.15

Place: Tartu, Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium)

Summary: I Our cultural symbolism has vastly expanded thanks to science and interdisciplinary approaches to research that are continually increasing in popularity. Due to science, we can think of a person as a fragment of the universe continuing to exist and succeed in this vast entity. I will talk about collaboration between scientists and artists, focusing on my artistic practice and doctoral dissertation titled HYBRID PRACTICE. Art and Science in Artistic Research (Estonian Academy of Arts, 2015).

II In the constellation of art and science collaborations, interdisciplinary and hybrid practices, we experience a wide range of approaches, ranging from speculative research and data visualization to poetic narratives and absurd flirts. In this presentation I will introduce a varied spectrum of art projects fascinated by scientific research, methods or mindset, highlighting the broad nature of possible encounters.


Mushroom hacking at Maalabor (pic from Maalabor FB page)

After the seminar everyone is welcome to coffee/tea and snacks in the seminar room (coffee room, ground floor).

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