New publications – two papers about new species of fungi

Text by Lauri Laanisto

The scope of our Centre of Excellence is indeed wide, stretching occasionally to systematics and taxonomy. Here are two rather fresh papers about new species of fungi (though, with fungi things are usually not too fresh…) – one Lactarius with orange cap and white latex, and one Calycina that lives on Pulmonaria lichen. I guess such publications do not really need any additional explanations why they were written and published. We are still pretty much in the stage of desribing the nature, especially if it comes to other organisms than vertebrates or higher plants. And in order to understand the intricate interactions and mechanisms between plants and other (mainly sessile) organisms – which is the main purpouse of EcolChange -, we have to have a better coverage of the actual things existing in the nature…


The obvious, and also misleading “white latex” picture (pic from here). Not sure if there are any fungi on the picture here. Seems too dry…

Citation: Nuytinck, J., Verbeken, A., Saar, I., Lambert, H., Bérubé, J., & Voitk, A. (2017). Lactarius splendens, a second species with white latex in Lactarius section Deliciosi. Botany, 95(8): 859-863: . (link to full text)


An uncommon, small, orange-capped Lactarius Pers. with white latex was confirmed, using molecular studies of the type specimens, to be Lactarius splendens Hesler & A.H. Sm. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the species falls within Lactarius section Deliciosi (Fr.) Redeuilh, Verbeken & Walleyn., very closely related to L. rubrilacteus Hesler & A.H. Sm. and L. porninsis Rolland. Hitherto L. porninsis was the only white-latex species known in the otherwise orange-latex section Deliciosi; both are associated with Larix Mill.


The actual white latex in Lactarius (pic from Wiki)

Citation: Suija, A., & Motiejunaite, J. (2017). Calycina alstrupii sp. nov. (Pezizellaceae, Helotiales), a new lichenicolous fungus from Norway. Phytotaxa, 307(2), 113-122. (link to full text)


A new species of Calycina, C. alstrupii Suija & Motiejūnaitė, is described based on both morphological and molecular characteristics. The new fungus inhabits thalli of Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. and is the first proven lichenicolous species of the genus. The new species is compared with closely related taxa of Hyaloscyphaceae s. lato.


Apparently Calycina is a taxon name that is shared between fungi and insects. Here is a speciemen of Calycina horaki (pic from here)

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