EcolChange seminar – Ülo Mander about the consequences of man-made changes to nitrogen cyclon

Seminar of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange

Ülo Mander is professor at the Department of Geography, University of Tartu.

Man-made alterations of nitrogen cycling: global and regional consequences

Time: Thursday, 16. March 2017 at 15.15

Place: Tartu, Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium)


Ülo Mander with couple of manuscripts (pic from here)


During the last 70 years, the reactive nitrogen cycling in the biosphere has been significantly intensifying. Globally, about a half of this cycling is caused by anthropogenic activities. Among several environmental consequences, nitrate contamination of water bodies and groundwater, as well as increasing emission of nitrous oxide (N2O), the dangerous greenhouse gas and the main ozone layer depletion agent, can be highlighted. In this presentation results from three projects will be presented: (1) the global effect of peatland drainage on nitrogen cycling, especially focusing on relations between the N2O emissions and controlling environmental and microbiological factors (denitrification genes); (2) nitrogen budget dynamics in full-drained peatland forests in Estonia; (3) mitigation of nitrate contamination of intensively managed agricultural catchments using artificial wetlands (the French experience).

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